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Unrivalled  natural  beauty,  beaches 
with  crystal  clear  waters, unrivalled 
Byzantine  footpaths  connecting traditional villages and breathtaking 

landscapes   make   Páros,   located 
at the heart of the Cyclades, one of the 
best loved holiday destinations in Greece.
The island op Paros is quite large and is centrally located in the Cyclades. 
Therefore it is called upon by many ferries.
Actually the island is hard to be avoided (if you should wish to) by the islandhoppers. This is one of the reasons why during the peak in high season it can get very busy. This is partly to blame on the charm of Paros, because there are plenty of good sandy beaches, it's quite fertile and there is also some kind of nightlife for the people who enjoy that. And now some more very positive news about the beautiful and also quiet eastcoast of Paros with the village of Piso Livadi and the beach at chrissi akti. And not to forget there is the amazing and almost deserted southcoast with endless beaches, beautiful rockformations, views over other islands (amongst them Antiparos), the small ferry harbour Punta and the delightful small village of Alyki with its whithewashed houses and plenty of brightly coloured fishingboats. 
Multilayered, multidimensional Paros will offer you whatever you desire,leaving you free to choose the holiday of your dreams. In the most popular cluster of islands in the Aegean, the Cyclades, Paros gives you the chanse to enjoy the holiday of your dreams. If you want to spent your days swimming,you'll find beaches large and small,secret and well-known. If you chase the wind, you'll rejoice in the plentiful world-famous beaches for kitesurfing and windsurfing.


Parikia is the capital and the main tourist resort and it is located in a protected bay on the west coast. This place has been inhabited since the Bronze Age, and was always the capital. There was once an early Cycladic village on the site. Only during the occupation by the Turks Parikia was not the capital, as they chose Lefkes for that. This place offered a better protection against attacks by pirates. Today Parikia is a long stretched village that extends primarily along the coast rather than up into the hills. In the center is a typical Cycladic Chora, complete with a piece of Venetian wall (built in 1207 on the site of the old akropolis). Even if it gets busy Parikia is still a bit of fun. To the west lies the old part of town and to the east the beach and the more modern part, where most of the hotels are located. The ferries come into the quay where the large white windmill is standing. Nearby you will find the bus station, the taxi stand (behind the mill) and the place where the boat to the island of Antiparos leaves.
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Along the quay is a great choice in tavernas, shops, ticket stores (for the ferry) and cafes and you find relics from the ancient Greek time. In Parikia there are also two cinemas, including an open-air theater (with English films). The nightlife is dominated by a large number of cocktail bars at the port and the streets a bit beyond.
The nightlife is dominated by a large number of cocktail bars at the port and the streets a bit beyond. Behind the promenade of the Port are narrow shopping streets and pretty white houses with bougainvillas and here and there is a small square with a couple of tavernas. Parikia also has a few nice beaches within reach, of which the largest is the townbeach.
On both sides (in the east and the west) are even more beaches, including the beach at Livadia in the west and the bays / beaches of Krios still a bit further, which are also used by naturists. Greek wooden boats, buses and taxis will bring you to the other beaches on the island that are often more quiet and more beautiful. We liked the harbour and main-village Parikia, allthough the beach directly in the port is not very inviting with ferries sailing in all the time. It is better to go to one of the beaches just outside the center, like the long sandy beach of Livadia. Parikia has plenty of sights, some nice shopping streets and lots of terraces overlooking the sea. A friendly terrace I found was at the end of the boulevard in a cafe called Latte.

The village of Naoussa on Paros

Naoussa: from pirates to parties 
No one can believe that the marina of Naoussa was once a pirate’s den. The music echoing from the bars, the perpetual motion of restaurant tables and chairs, young crowds that want to suck out all the marrow of life in just one night, all combine to create a cinematic ambience.
Naoussa is located in the north of Paros and is dominated by a large church. In many guides, the village is described as smaller and more beautiful than Parikia, but this is a matter of opinion. You have to decide for yourself which has your preferance. It is a nice village I agree to go and have a look around because it is indeed colourful and picturesque. In the center of town is the old white chora, there is a nice promenade with tavernas and the harbour with the kaiks and the old Venetian houses in the background will do well in your photo album. Through the centre runs a (in the summer dried out) river. Here you will find the bus station of the village. There are boats and buses to a number of better beaches in the immediate vicinity of Naoussa, including the beach of Santa Maria.
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One-of-a-kind beaches

Infinite, golden, hidden coves and organised: Paros has many unique beaches. Chrysi Akti, Santa Maria, Pounta, Kalogeros, Kolymbithres: You’ll find it difficult to choose, but you’re sure to find many that will stay in your heart.

Best 12 Restaurants in Paros island

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Hidden gems of Paros

Ai Yiannis Detis
At Ai Yianni Detis time slows down and the tranquility and charm of the white monastery permeate this bay in Paros. Here you can swim, walk and contemplate
Lefkes: A peaceful courtyard
Whitewash and marble. A symphony in white. Homes with pretty patios sloping upwards, like an amphitheatre. Cycladic architecture, neoclassical buildings, boutique accommodations, all coexist harmoniously. Park your car and walk, wandering through its peaceful alleys. Don’t forget to see the Byzantine road, a marble-paved path 1,000 years old, which was built to connect Marpissa with Parikia.
Off the beaten track: Marpissa and Prodromos
Two inland villages that are worth a visit. At Prodromos the entrance to the village is a vaulted roof and steeple. Walk in the streets and admire the small traditional Cycladic homes. Then make your way to Marpissa, a 16th-century village with traditional windmills and churches rich in history.

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Paros can be easily reached from Piraeus, where there are daily ferries going to the Cycladic islands. The journey takes three hours or more depending on the speed of the boat you take and the schedule it follows. Sometimes there are ferries from Rafina to the island of Paros. On the airport of Athens there are regulair busses going to Rafina, and you don't have to drive through Athens itself. Off course you can also take a taxi. The ride takes about half an hour. It's also possible to fly to the island of Paros from Athens

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Paros has an airport for for domestic flights and can also be reached by plane from Athens (national flights only because there is no international airport).
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Select your destination follow the easy instructions, book your dates and make your payment of the ticket. Your tickets you can get it from the airport is so simple. 

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